Welcome to our Yoga Vegetarian Cooking Retreat at our Eco-village Ananda Suruci, Yujing, Taiwan.

Yoga Vegetarian Cooking Retreat Poster

This retreat will be a hands on weekend where you will prepare different vegetarian dishes from different parts of the world and sample your cooking skills while the food is still warm and ready to eat!


Apart from the twice daily sessions of yoga poses, spiritual meditation and nature walks our focus on this retreat will be on preparing and eating food that is ideal for our body, mind and consciousness.


A lot of people know and appreciate the health effects of a plant-based diet. But many don’t know enough recipes to make it practical in their daily lives. We get numerous requests for this recipe or that recipe at our various retreats where people sometimes are exposed for the first time to the variety and richness of a plant-based diet.

So we will spend lots of time in the kitchen preparing delicious, nutritious and simple meals that you can use at home. It’s a great way to bond, make new friends, be creative and enjoy the serenity and upliftment of nature over the weekend. Our recipes will include dishes from Europe, The Middle East, India and the Orient.


Our workshops will provide useful hints and practical tools to continue enjoying the wonderful benefits you will experience during the retreat. We will learn the yogic concept of healthy diet which is an ancient regime that prepares one for higher contemplative practices. You will make a personalized eating plan that you can realistically stick to and feel the long term benefits of eating right. There will be another class on how to use food as a medium of service and love.


The Retreat leaders include Dada Shiilabhadrananda a yoga monk and vegetarian since 1973 who authored the book, “Diet for Health and Higher Consciousness” and Bernard Bordenave: a practicing vegetarian cook who managed our Taipei vegetarian restaurant back in the early 1980’s.

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Don’t miss a weekend that promises to be full of fun, sharing, good food, nature walks, relaxing yoga and peaceful meditation in the serene environment of our eco village near Yujing.

Cost of the Retreat will be $NT4800

For more details send your name,  via email or call our Taipei Centre: 02-29310910, 0986291111; 0933473596

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