Ánanda Márga Yoga & Meditation Center in Taipei; offers courses in Yoga and Meditation as well as other inspiring programs designed to awaken the subtler aspects of ourselves. These programs include: Yoga Classes, Meditation Course, Yoga & Meditation Retreats and Yoga Detox Retreats

Workshops and Classes are taught as a service, not as a commercial venture. So you will find that our fees are very reasonable.

Upcoming Events

Meditation Steps Youtube Channel

Meditation Steps is a free online meditation course. It offers a simple and practical method of meditation especially for those who are trying it for the first time. Other practices that enhance meditation i.e. yoga exercises, vegetarianism and fasting are presented in an easily replicable way.

Mantra Music

We offer Meditation music, Mantra music, Devotional, Chanting and Relaxation music. We have a large selection of Kiirtan titles and devotional music with styles from all over the world.

Understanding the Principles and Benefits of Healthy Eating

Yie Chun forced herself out of bed to get to work by 8 a.m. fighting a headache and lack of energy. “If only I could get my coffee before I leave home, I’ll be fine”, she thought. This may be a familiar scenario played out in hundreds of homes across the world as...

The Risks of Overweight, Blood Pressure, Sugar and Cholesterol

 The Latest Statistics on Global Health “More people died in 2008 from non-communicable diseases than contagious diseases…80% of heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented… Most Non-Communicable Diseases are the result of four particular behaviors-- (tobacco...