Philosophy Classes

We now conduct classes on the Ananda Marga philosophy twice in the month.

Every third Tuesday of the month from 3-4.30 pm a topic is presented followed by questions and answers. The second class is every third Sunday from 3-4.30 p.m. where we are reading from the first collection of spiritual discourses of Ananda Marga entitled “Subhasita Samgraha”. The second class is in English while the first class is translated into Chinese.


The Ananda Marga philosophy is a unique combination of eastern wisdom and western science. Ancient spiritual truths long buried in ancient texts are brought to the surface and explained in a lucid and rational way that inspires a spiritual student to move towards the subtler aspects of life. By studying the philosophy we develop an urge to know the deeper part of ourselves. It is a form of “Satsaunga” or “good company” where the mind is focused only on subtle ideas. Satsaung has been prescribed throughout the ages as an important tool to overcoming the stagnant energies which accompany a materially oriented way of living.